Finding Fondness for Two Flutes – Flute Duets On ABC Classic

Finding Fondness for Two Flutes is a new album released as an ABC Classic Composer Commission containing a set of five duets for flute, performed by flautists The Emerald Ruby and Sally Walker.

The duets are composed by The Emerald Ruby (Jennifer Hankin), whose perspective is as a late-diagnosed autistic woman, “finding beauty in a world that’s not built for you,” expressing herself in her specialist medium (flute duet) and recorded with internationally acclaimed flautist Sally Walker.

The duets add up to around half and hour of listening and redefine the aesthetics and expectations of music made by two flutes, drawing influence from 18th century French orchestral music, Manouche Jazz, Irish Folk music and Prog Rock.

Says The Emerald Ruby, “This music was written and brought to life by every part of my soul. May they help you find a little fondness on every listen.” These pieces are an emotionally vulnerable sound-based exploration of an increasingly common experience.

Finding Fondness was commissioned by ABC Classic as part of its 2022 Composer Commissioning Fund.
The tracks:
THE EMERALD RUBY: Finding Fondness 1. Fidgeting /2. Paralysis Spirals /3. Calm (is a dangling carrot) /4. Everything Changes While Remaining the Same /5. Red Tape

Digital EP out 28 June | ABCL0078D

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