Album Release: Songs of Disappearance/ Bowerbird Collective

Bowerbird Collective’s newest project, Songs of Disappearance is a collaboration with BirdLife Australia and nature recordist David Stewart, the result of which is an album of pure birdsong sung by 53 of some of our most threatened species.

The recording celebrates the incredible diversity of the Australian soundscape, and highlights the cost of inaction. Be immersed in a chorus of iconic cockatoos, the buzzing of bowerbirds, a bizarre symphony of seabirds, and the haunting call of one of the last remaining night parrots. 

The album has soared into the charts and sold nearly 1000 copies, even threatening to displace Michael Bublé! 

Bowerbird Collective is an exciting production company which specialises in creating multi-media works that tell conservation stories, with the aim of strengthening physical and emotional connections to people, places and nature. Comprising Juilliard School graduate cellist, co-founder and producer Anthony Albrecht and violinist, 2019 Churchill Fellow, co-founder and curator Simone Slattery, Bowerbird Collective tours extensively, focussing on regional areas and educational outreach exploring nature through the arts. 

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