Ashkenazy’s French Suites By Bach On Decca


Vladimir Ashkenazy, pianist and conductor turns 80 in July – and to celebrate this milestone Decca is releasing his recording of the six French Suites by J S Bach, complete on a single CD, available on July. 14, 2017

The tracks: JS Bach/ French Suites

[1]-[5] Suite No. 1 in D minor BWV 812
[6]-[11] Suite No. 2 in C minor BWV 813
[12]-[17] Suite No. 3 in B minor BWV 814
[18]-[24] Suite No. 4 in E-flat major BWV 815
[25]-[31] Suite No. 5 in G minor BWV 816
[32]-[39] Suite No. 6 in E major BWV 817

Released in conjunction with the Complete Concerto Recordings.


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