Astronomy Inspires A World Premiere In An Audiovisual Adventure

When: Saturday 6 February 2021, 8.30pm. Doors open 6.30 pm
Where: Foundry 616, 616-620 Harris St. Ultimo, Sydney

New music pioneers, Keyna Wilkins and Emily Granger present a COVIDsafe evening of exciting, new, cross-genre music featuring the world premiere of a new work flute and harp by Keyna Wilkins titled Moonbow.

Keyna Wilkins’ performance will feature a series of beautiful projections, combining colourful visualisations inspired by astronomical phenomena with archival footage from NASA’s planetary journeys and the 1969 moon landing.

Stylistically broad, inspired by Miles Davis and Debussy in equal measure, Wilkins’ performance will take you on a highly evocative audiovisual adventure.

Harpist Emily Granger will present new music from both Australian and American composers.

Tickets price include guest’s choice of drinks or selections from Foundry 616’s Authentic Southern Style restaurant menu.
The concert will also be filmed by Melbourne Digital Concert Hall and broadcast at a later date.

Tickets: From $57 includes drinks and dinner



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