Bach in the Dark 2012

 Cellist Rachel Scott is presenting her series ‘Bach in the Dark’ again in 2012.

In these unusual concerts she invites her audience to the crypt of St James’
Church in King Street Sydney for programmes of music that are founded in the compositions
of the great JS Bach, but which she then takes to another level with various
performing partners and works that have been inspired by the music of Bach.
There is little supplementary lighting and sight lines are secondary to the
experience of suspending reality for just a little while and, as she says,
stopping to listen to the music.

Scott says “It means so much to me to be able to share music that is special to
me, with people who are really listening “in the moment”. I hope that
I will continue to see you all in 2012 – please always feel free to come up and
say hello after any concert’.

The dates for the 2012 Bach in the Dark season are:

– March 16th and 17th. Scott is joined for the 3rd consecutive year by her former
teacher, cellist David Pereira.

– June 15th and 16th with soprano Jane Sheldon and harpist Genevieve Lang.

– August 10th and 11th. Melbourne based accordionist Anthony Schulz joins Scott
to create what is certain to be an unusual and innovative acoustic. She
says” I became interested in the combination of cello and accordion after
stumbling across a recording made by a Lithuanian cellist and falling in love
with the sound of the two instruments. I can’t find any other group in
Australia like this – and this is sure to be a very special weekend”.

– October 26th and 27th. Percussionist Ben Sibson joins for the final performance of the

Bookings open about a month before each concert. SoundsLikeSydney will have more details
of concerts and bookings when they open.






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