Bach In The Dark: ‘Cello And Violin


Cellist Rachel Scott’s innovative concert series Bach in the Dark continues in 2015.

Through the years Scott has collaborated with a variety of musicians who have joined her in exploring arrangements of music for cello and other instruments. In the first series for 2015, Scott is joined by violinist Veronique Serret, who has played with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Offspring, the Sydney Dance Company… and many more.

The program contains works by J.S. Bach, Elena Kats-Chernin, Martin Wesley-Smith, Gliere and the fabulous Handel-Halvorsen duo.

Tickets: $40 book online at or and click on the  ‘t’ sign for each concert, or call (02)9591-1207. 

Tickets for Saturday March 28 has sold out, but there are still tickets available for Friday March 27.

If you present your Bach in the Dark ticket, at “Subsolo” Spanish restaurant and bar just around the corner from the crypt. you can get a 25% discount off the bill, up to a maximum of $40.


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