Bach In The Dark Livestream – Cello And Spoken Word

For her next Bach in the Dark concert, cellist Rachel Scott is by ‘Bach in the Dark’ newcomer, actor Damien Ryan, Managing Artistic Director of Sport for Jove theatre (resident at the Seymour Centre). Rachel promises that ‘The Spoken Bach’ will be a night with a difference.

As shown by an oscilloscope, the voice and the cello are incredibly similar. Rachel Scott and Damien Ryan will be linking Bach’s first cello suite to Shakespeare, Martin Wesley-Smith’s haunting ‘Uluru Song’ to Australian poet Judith Wright, and they will explore 17th century thinking about music and the soul, as well as travel to modern-day America  for an evening that celebrates music, words and the human soul.

Bookings: $7.50 at Humanitix ( If you’d like to give a little more, then that would be really welcome, as it’s a hard time for artists right now – but $7.50 is all we are asking.

At 5pm, you’ll be sent a youtube link to the concert that you need to click on before 7pm. IF YOU HAVEN’T GOT THE LINK BY 5.30, PLEASE EMAIL

SO THEY CAN SEND IT TO YOU DIRECTLY. At about 6.55pm, things will go live… At 7pm the concert will begin. The link will also be live for a few days after the concert, so if you have plans for that night, do know that you can watch the event for a few days after the live stream.

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