Bernadette Harvey Performs For Musica Viva Discover Series

Pianist Bernadette Harvey takes you on a journey of escape, in a vibrant performance live-streamed from a Sydney location surrounded by stunning artworks.

One of Australia’s premier pianists, Bernadette’s virtuosity and dazzling high energy are perfectly showcased in her program of entertaining  works. From the beautiful selection of Chopin’s Études from Op 10, to the humour and flair of Donald Hollier’s Second Sonatina, and the electrifying Alternating Currents by Kevin Puts (a work dubbed Bernadette’s ‘signature tune’ by Puts himself), Bernadette’s program promises an evening of incredible music for all.

The Discover series is made possible by the Musica Viva Artists Fund, allowing us to support Australian artists. Because of this support, and Musica Viva’s aim of making music more accessible to everyone, tickets are available on a pay what you can basis starting at just $5.

Tickets from $5


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