‘Bespoke for Air’: New Thoughts In Sound For Radio



Bespoke for Air is the second edition of Synergy Percussion’s annual new works micro-festival, in which they will again collaborate with four composers whom they have never worked with before. Supported by APRA and ABC Classic FM, Synergy Percussion  requested pieces that could be recorded fluently but which would also look striking live on stage. Composers James Humberstone, Kate Moore, Julian Day and Evan Mannell have crafted a diverse suite of gifts, from electronica transcriptions to drum-hit wonders.

The day after the premiere concert, the concert will go live to air from the ABC studios. You can purchase a ticket to enter the ballot to be in the studio audience for this concert.

Tickets: $25-$35 plus optional ticket extra (plus $10) takes you into the draw to be one of 20 people in Studio 227 for the Live to Air on 2 November. Winners will be drawn on Friday 25 October and notified by email.

Book here to buy tickets for the premiere concert on November 1st.

Book here to buy tickets for the concert and to enter the ballot to be in the studio audience for the live to air concert on November 2nd.

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