Discover Musica Viva Presents Karin Schaupp

Classical guitarist Karin Schaupp is the next artist to perform in the Discover Musica Viva series which introduces more people to the exceptional array of Musica Viva’s artists and the versatility of chamber music.

Schaupp is best known for her warmth of sound and engaging onstage persona, This performance is in a unique, undisclosed location which perfectly suits the beauty of the classical guitar in a rarely seen, intimate concert.

Musica Viva understands that not everyone can afford the full cost of a ticket right now ($25). However they want chamber music to be accessible to all and have made ticket prices as low as possible, starting at just $5. Simply pay what you can afford and enjoy a luxurious evening of music from Karin Schaupp in the comfort of your own home.

Tickets from $5

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