Einaudi to appear at Sydney’s GRAPHIC Festival


Coinciding with his inaugural Sydney performance, Universal Music has released In A Time Lapse – The Remixes, featuring the music of Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi. This release is a compilation of 7 new remixes of tracks from In a Time Lapse.

In a Time Lapse is an album release from Einaudi, recorded in October 2012 in a monastery near Verona. The 14 pieces that comprise the album combine to dazzling effect as reflections of Einaudi’s concept of time.

The Sydney Opera House announced that Ludovico Einaudi is to appear at GRAPHIC 2013, which will mark his long awaited Australian tour debut. The exclusive GRAPHIC commission with Visuals by Claudio Sinatti will be performed in the Concert Hall October 7th, creating a festival finale of cinematic proportions.

A prolific composer of film and television music, Einaudi’s style has been described as minimalist, alt-classical, ambient, contemporary, but is best described by the composer himself as “… something in it that comes from classical, but I have influences from different music I have experienced in my life, from African music to folk and rock.” After his early studies at the Verdi Conservatorium in Milan and with Luciano Berio, Einaudi looked to more diverse sources for inspiration and cites rock legends such as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, U2 and Radiohead, whose approach to music he embraced as a change to the essentially conservative classical world.

Einaudi lives on an Italian vineyard in Piedmont and has released 11 studio albums, has four international awards to his name including the Echo Klassik Award for best film score for Fuori del mondo (2002), which was also nominated for an Oscar. He composed music for the TV version of Dr Zhivago and for the trailer of Black Swan. His music has been featured in The Intouchables, I’m Still Here, Insidious and Derek.


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