Ensemble Offspring: Hark The Machine



Crunch. Boom. Grind. Ensemble Offspring transforms the Utzon Room with Hark the Machine – the music of today and the sounds of tomorrow.

Creak. Groan. Fizz. Like an old machine gradually coming to life, we hear the rhythmic drive of American composers David Lang and Annie Gosfield.

Pulse, pop, shake. Sounds rooted in jazz emerge from music by pianist and composer, Andrea Keller (2017 Merlyn Myer Music Commission), and Sydney composer Fiona Hill (Noisy Women Commission) transports us to a meditative other-world in a work for sextet so new the ink will still be wet.

The programme

Fiona Hill – Pentography (World premiere) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano [10’]
Andrea Keller – Love in Solitude for piano, percussion, flute, clarinet + electronics [15′]
Thomas Meadowcroft – Medieval Rococo for keyboard, percussion, flute, clarinet + electronics [12’]
Annie Gosfield – Cranks & Cactus Needles for flute, piano, violin, cello [6’]
David Lang – Cheating, Lying, Stealing for piano, percussion, cello, bass clarinet, and brake drums [10’5]

The performers:

Georgina Oakes (Hatched Academy Associate Artist)/ Veronique Serret (violin)/ Blair Harris (cello)/ Claire Edwardes (percussion)/ Jacob Abela (piano)/ Jason Noble (clarinet)/ Lamorna Nightingale (flute)

Tickets: Adult: $45/ Australian Senior/Pensioner: $38/ Australian Full-Time Student: $30 /Booking fees apply.



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