Go ‘Totally Vocal’ – A Capella Workshops With Sydney Harmony

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Sydney Harmony men’s chorus led by musical director Vicki Dwyer is offering an introductory course on singing a cappella (unaccompanied) harmony, with a special accent on the skill of achieving the unique and exciting ‘ringing chords’.  Called Totally Vocal!, the programme will have singers engaging in a wide range of musical styles, performing in public performances and singing in four-part harmony. 

The six-week course, held each Monday at 7.30pm from March 3, will be held in North Sydney.

Song arrangements for the course have been selected to allow participants to practice the specific vocal skills that are learnt as they sing alongside the established chorus. There is room for up to 50 participants – though last year’s debut course was hugely successful and attracted more than 60 new voices.                

The ability to read music is not essential but it will to have some prior musical knowledge. The group’s singers are amateurs but with good voices – men who enjoy singing and who are willing to listen and learn. Suitable graduates of the Totally Vocal course will be invited to join the full men’s chorus – a great opportunity for vocal harmony newcomers!                                                                                    

Sydney Harmony has established itself as a leading male vocal ensembles, winning the McDonald’s Performing Arts Challenge Community Choir competition in 2004. It has since been a repeat MPAC finalist, medal-winner at multiple BHA National Men’s Harmony competitions and is the current BHA Eastern Region Chorus champion. The chorus has also been awarded a community commendation from the Music Council of Australia. Sydney Harmony regularly appears in the media, performs in public concerts, for private and corporate events and has competed internationally at the Pan Pacific Harmony Convention in Hawaii. Its members come from all over Sydney and span all age groups.

The course costs $75 ($35 for full-time students).  Interested singers should contact Sydney Harmony at info@sydneyharmony.com.au  or call Paul Meller on 0419 635 537. For more information and online registrations, visit www.sydneyharmony.com.au  

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