Have your say on a 21st century National cultural policy for Australia

The Federal Minister for the Arts, The Hon Simon Crean has invited public contributions to a discussion paper that will result in the formulation of a National Cultural Policy for Australia – the first one in 20 years.

Estimating the 90 % of Australians participate in the arts, the Minister aims to create a 10 year plan that will lead the nation into arts as they are in the 21st century, embracing not only the traditional visual, literary and performing arts, but indigenous arts, media, philanthropy and schools.

The arts are a vital element of national identity and self expression. This initiative is a much appreciated move to draw ideas from those who create and consumes the arts at the coal-face.

There are numerous forums for discussion prior to the closing date for submissions on October 21st 2011. To view these and to find out more about making a submission, go to http://culture.arts.gov.au/

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