Insights into….’Salome’


Opera Australia’s production of Richard Strauss’ disturbing opera Salome opens in Sydney on Friday 12th October and runs until Saturday November 3rd in the Opera Theatre of the Sydney Opera House.

Cheryl Barker sings the title role, leading a superb ensemble comprising Jacqueline Dark as Herodias, John Wegner as Jokanaan, David Corcoran, Sian Pendry, Kanen Breen, Shane Lowrancev and Richard Andersen. Conducted by Johannes Fritsch, Gale Edwards directs this tale of violence, jealousy and seduction.

This Wednesday, there is an Opera Australia presents “Insights into Salome“.  Based on Oscar Wilde’s play of the biblical tale, the opera has an intricate history, embraced by some opera houses and banned by others. The premiere, conducted by Strauss himself, was attended by Puccini, Mahler and his wife Alma, and Schoenberg.

New York Times music writer Alex Ross describes the event in the first chapter of ‘The Rest is Noise’:

Tickets: $15 Patrons and friends

$20 Others

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