Jane Sheldon And Julian Curwin Launch New Album ‘Crossing’


Romero Records is excited to announce the launch of Crossing, the new collaboration between classical soprano Jane Sheldon and guitarist Julian Curwin.

Jane is known for her work with Pinchgut Opera, The Song Company, Elena Kats-Chernin, John Zorn and Sydney Chamber Opera while Julian is known for The Tango Saloon, The Mango Balloon, Cannibal Spiders and Monsieur Camembert.

The pair first joined forces in experimental electronic pop band Gauche in the early 2000s whose back-catalogue has just been re-released by Art As Catharsis. Now, more than a decade later, they bring together all of their intervening musical experiences for Crossing.

Though difficult to neatly categorise, a shared love for western film scores, folk song and early music may give some clues. Crossing is music that evokes other lands, sometimes real, often imaginary.

The 11-track album is available for digital pre-order from Romero Records and the album will be available from June 1, 2018.

Tickets: $20 + booking fee online or $25 at the door.

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