Landowska’s way

Memories of  Wanda Landowska, an exhibition of  the life and work of the legendary exponent of Bach’s keyboard works, is on display at the Bachhouse, in Eisenach, the town of his birth. Established in 1906, the Bachhouse was the first museum to be dedicated to J S Bach, although it is believed that he was born not in this house, but very close by.

The Bachhaus, Eisenach

Eisenach boasts another historic house – Martin Luther is said to have lived in the Lutherhaus  lived here 185 years before Bach was born. 

 This feature from Gramophone magazine reviews the exhibition and Landowska’s achievements. It also quotes her acerbic comment to Pablo Casals on playing Bach. The exhibition is showing at the Bachhaus Eisenach till November 11th 2011.

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