“Mad Rush” – Sally Whitwell records the music of Glass

Pianist Sally Whitwell puts a glaze on the music of Philip Glass with a CD “Mad Rush” (ABC Classics)  to be released on June 3rd. Check out her video here!  To whet your appetite, the first track from this CD “Opening”, is already available on itunes. www.itunes.apple.com

 Sally Whiltwell had this to say about the track: “It’s funny, when you look at “Opening” by Philip Glass, it’s all little machine-like boxes of oscillating dots but when you listen, it’s so natural and flowing and organic. It’s a perfectly proportioned little bite size chunk of minimalism which appeals to listeners of all ages and tastes”.

Hear what else Sally has to say about this project in the video below, and watch for more from Sally Whitwell on the full length CD.

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