Musica Viva In Schools 2021

Musica Viva launches its Musica Viva In Schools programme for 2021, marking 40 years of bringing live music to children and educators all over Australia.

For 2021, Musica Viva has adapted its schools programme adopting some of the strategies discovered amongst the challenges of the global pandemic in 2020, offering schools a more flexible digital delivery, expanding its delivery of professional development and its library of online resources, reaching more students and teachers than before.

Every year Musica Viva In Schools travels to rural and metropolitan regions in every state and territory, bringing high quality live music and educational resources to more than 300,000 students and teachers and 900 schools regardless of location or economic circumstance. During the pandemic, Musica Viva pivoted to deliver the entire Musica Viva In Schools programme online, which ensured that students all over the country were still able to connect and interact with Australia’s very best musicians. In planning for 2021, the MVIS team identified elements they wanted to incorporate permanently, so the program could be more relevant and create an even greater impact for both students and educators.

The creation of Musica Viva In Schools Online strengthens the offering of the existing program and provides extensive support to teachers with curriculum-aligned resources and accredited professional development. All materials tie in with the Music and Creative Arts Curriculum and provide cross-curriculum links to sciences, technology, languages and more, aligned to state and national guidelines. The online expansion also extends to further Professional Development resources for educators, with both Guided PD and Self-Guided PD programmes, Learning and Teacher Support Forums, and Workshops with Musica Viva musicians.

Meantime, the tours continue. Some of the ensembles touring NSW for Musica Viva in 2021 include:

Adventures in Antarctica – a  journey of discovery with acclaimed harpists, Alice Giles and Liena Lacey. With footage from Alice’s own Antarctic expedition and music written especially to be performed on the continent (the odd sea shanty included), every student is invited to discover the sound of the harp with their own hands.
Da Vinci’s Apprentice – Every child is an inventor in this musical drama based in 16th century Italy exploring the weird and wonderful instruments and inventions of Da Vinci’s time with Roberta, a talented girl who dreams of becoming an apprentice to the man himself.
Doctor Stovepipe – This rollicking, old-time gypsy swing band teaches students how songs evolve – and that when it comes to making music, no road map is required.
Eastwinds – Four musicians from diverse cultural and musical backgrounds show students how to harness their creativity by expressing and sharing their personal experiences through music.
Moon Radio Hour – an imaginative fast-paced journey through space, time… and the unexpected! Paired with saxophones, guitars and an electronic sampler, the result is a spontaneously immersive musical experience where anything is possible.
Music in my Suitcase – Integrating music and dance, iconic world music group Mara! inspire students to listen to and understand each other by sharing their own languages and exploring Australia’s rich multicultural history.
Rhythm Works – A dynamic percussion duo who teach students to create images with instruments ranging from African djembes and marimbas to electronic loop machines and PVC pipes.
Taikoz – In demand worldwide, Taikoz are delighted to bring their Japanese Taiko drums to Australian schools. Their shows are so engrossing because they are seen, heard and felt: students literally become sounding boards.
Taking Shape – Acclaimed ensemble Topology guides students through creating their own musical compositions, exploring the way melodies are ‘shaped’. Each performance is itself shaped by the children’s unique contributions.
The Air I Breathe – In a dazzling display of virtuosity, the three woodwind playing ensemble members teach students to master their own breath and use it as a creative, joyful and life affirming force.
Timmy & the Breakfast Band – Timmy is a normal boy on the outside. Inside, he hears music in his head all the time. Discover how music can influence actions in this display of performance and circus arts.
Two Wheel Time Machine – In this rock-opera, students and teachers are taken on a journey to discover that performing and creating music is just like learning to ride a bike.
Water, Water Everywhere – Based on music by Grammy-winning composer Tan Dun, this program evokes a childhood in the waterlogged fields of China and invites students to make their own music with water.
Wyniss – By comparing their own childhood games to those from the remote Torres Strait, students come to understand the importance of traditions, and to be thankful to those who teach them.

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