Nadia Piave Presents…. Gaeilge!


Celebrate with music from the Emerald Isle on the eve of St Patrick’s Day with Nadia Piave and a host of Sydney musicians in a night of words and songs – a beautiful concert  recalling Ireland, her songs, her faeries and ghosts, and her history – enjoy Irish classics like I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls and the poem The Lake Isle of Innisfree.

‘Twas the night before St Patrick’s Day….and every eye was a sunbeam and every foot a feather, and it was with sunshine and song that they mingled together…

Irish songs and words for St Patrick’s Day -J.M. Synge, Danny Boy, Thomas Moore, The Wind  that Shakes the Barley, Val Doonican, 

Carrickfergus, Yeats, Enya, O’Carolan, Doyle, The Minstrel Boy, Heaney…and more.

The crew for this performance hail from very different backgrounds, but there are ties that bind – they all teach, perform, love Irish music and are partial to a Black Velvet.  The suggestion of performing a concert of Irish folk music with a twist was irresistible. The programme brings together their combined musical and cultural offerings – classical, folk, contemporary ‘art’, Italian, German and Chinese! So, on the night before St Patrick’s Day come and hear music from the Emerald Isle that will make you a little, sigh a little, and smile a lot – and enjoy a Guinness or two as well!

Nadia Piave, chief leanan sidh behind this concert, is a performer and teacher working in all areas of vocal music. Her voice is a musical paint box that brings to life all the colours and textures of her chosen repertoire, from Renaissance and Baroque madrigals to Neapolitan serenades; from tango and the chansons of the Parisian musette to lilting folk songs from both her Italian and Australian heritage. 

Nadia Piave – voice/Hans Dieter Michatz – recorders/Verna Lee – harp/Gino Pengue – guitar/Lukas Maio – accordion/Jess Ciampa – percussion. 

Tickets: $25

Bookings & Enquiries: 02 9211 9442




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