Nadia Piave’s ‘Big Night’….Or ‘Napoli Swings!’


Soprano Nadia Piave is calling all “lovers of Leichhardt, of the Lucanian lilt and friends of anywhere south of Rome” as she announces the Nadia Napoli show she says she has been wanting to do for years – Big Night ! (or Napoli Swings!).

Nadia is teaming up and walking the Napoli talk, with parthenopeic pianistic peccadillist Glenn Amer (truly perfetto), as well as ‘da boyz’: Gino Pengue on guitar (Napoletano born and bred) and Ross Maio on accordion (the original Son of Calabria…. which is almost Napoli..) – ah so much funiculi funicula to be had at this show! Yes folks, the ‘Spaghetti Inner Western’ has arrived!

Big Night ! (or Napoli Swings!) puts music (the best Neapolitan tunes), mystery (who moved the bucatini?), murder (somebody’s gonna die laughing at this show!), the Mob (don’t tell me you can actually refuse this invitation..), Del Monaco (Mr. Opera 1959 himself), Modugno (Mr. Volare!) and a little mambo (this show’s got everything else!) together, add some minestrone (food’s good at Foundry616)…and swing-a-Della mozzarella (plenty of cheese in this show!) – and you’ve got one heck’uva Big Night!

Angelina’s a waitress at the pizzeria…Anna Mazzato’s her arch nemesis (those Italians, they just love arches…)…Gino’s crazy for Modugno…Rudy Valle Stretta’s crazy for Del Monaco…Rosario’s plain crazy ……and guess who’s coming to dinner…?

The performers: Nadia Piave – voice/ Gino Pengue – guitar/ Glenn Amer – piano/ Ross Maio – accordion

Nadia Piave is an Italian Australian singer, teacher, racconteur, concert producer and mean maker of the best Timballo this side of ‘spaccanapoli’! With musical cohorts and fellow gourmands Gino Pengue,Glenn Amer and Ross Maio she has created a musico-gastronomic adventure for the small stage (with adjoining kitchen) worthy of its own TV series! The flavours of Big Night! will stay with you long after the show is over… and may even repeat on you (in the best way..)! 

Tickets $30  – $20 each for tables of 5 or more

Bookings essential at or call 9211 9442

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