O Serafin – songs of seraphim and starry nights


Soprano, recording artist and choral director Nadia Piave is joined by  guitarist Gino Pengue in O Serafin – songs of seraphim and starry nights – rounds, carols and songs for a sacred space.

T0gether they will bring you traditions and ceremonies from right across the globe, celebrating the Christmas story and the Christmas spirit in this concert of songs and storytelling, from a 15th century Czech cloister to Christmas Eve in Paris in 1900, from Polish gingerbread to Spanish pumpkin, from bagpipes on Southern Italian hilltops to the sound of the kalimba in an African Sanctus.

The venue is St Bede’s Pyrmont, a little church which dates from 1867, built using sandstone from the local Paradise, Purgatory and Hellhole quarries!

Nadia Piave invites you to “come and enjoy my lovely Christmas program in this gorgeous little stone church tucked away in Pyrmont Street; it’s a little oasis of cool and reflection, just opposite The Star casino…. and just a, er, gambol down from the Pyrmont Bridge. Sparkles and panettone afterwards!”

Tickets – $20

Additional concerts in Moruya, East Gresford, Dungog, Gosford and Paterson.

Enquiries: nadiapiave@bigpond.com


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