Omega Ensemble Looks Ahead To 2022 As 2021 Season Is Cancelled

Omega Ensemble has regretfully announced the cancellation of its remaining performances in the 2021 National Concert Season, but is eagerly anticipating the announcement of its 2022 season in a few weeks. 

David Rowden, “fully-vaxed” Artistic Director and Founder of Omega Ensemble says: “Behind every performance are thousands of hours of planning and a dedicated team of people working tirelessly to ensure that each program reaches the stage.” The uncertainty of timelines surrounding border closures and venue re-openings has made essential preparations for tours unviable. The decision comes on the heels of several attempts to re-schedule their second tour which was cancelled in June.

Looking ahead, “We are not hibernation,” says Rowden. “We will continue to work with and support our musicians, while also investing further in our commitment to protect the future for the next generation. We hope that it will be possible to share the exciting works being developed in our CoLAB: Composer Accelerator Program with an audience in December.” This is ahead of a planned return to the stage in February 2022.

Rowden is grateful for the support given to the arts this year from supporters of the ensemble, adding “I hope you will continue to support us and the future of the Arts in Australia by getting vaccinated as soon as it is available to you.”


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