Opera Australia Insights event: Staging Carmen


Most of Opera Australia’s Insights events this year will take place in the Winter Season. However, on Wednesday March 13, a special event will highlight the complexities of staging the opera Carmen.

The emphasis of the evening will be not so much on the opera itself but rather what it takes to stage an event of this scale.  Louisa Robertson, the Producer and Eamon Darcey, the Site Designer will take us through the various components and challenges from foreshore authorities, specialist audio engineers, animal wranglers, the catering company and amenities, to name but a few.  And of course, as always, there will be a song or two.

Tickets Adults, $20; Patrons and friends, $15

Bookings call Ailsa Eckel 61 (2) 9318 8333 or email ailsa.eckel@opera-australia.org.au

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