Phoenix Collective Bares Heart And Soul

Phoenix Collective's Dan Russell, violin and Anthony Garcia, guitar
Phoenix Collective’s Dan Russell, violin and Anthony Garcia, guitar

Phoenix Collective presents ‘Heart & Soul’ music for guitar and violin in its continuing programme of showcasing classical music with a uniquely Australian edge. Violinist Dan Russell and guitarist Anthony Garcia perform rearranged and semi-improvised works, especially for this event. Dr Garcia, who holds a PhD in improvisation and who works as Artistic Director of Sounds Across Oceans, brings his understanding of music as a universal language to a virtuosic performance which combines hybrids and tonal colour to produce rhythmically driven soundscapes and dance-like passages. The concert also features music by Bach, Paganini, Bergmuller and Piazzolla.

Phoenix Collective’s Director, violinist Dan Russell observes “you can’t get more intimate than sharing a musician’s thoughts and expressions as they improvise. You react in the moment: no chance to go back and edit or rehearse again. It’s all your cards out on the table”.

The duo promise that “traditional arrangements, improvised vignettes and audience response will combine to generate a special kind of synergy”.

This third concert in the Phoenix Collective’s series goes beyond recognized music norms to blur genre, cross culture, notate, semi-notate and un-notate music. Latin, Irish, Italian, Australian and German fusions are extended and, at one point, include an electric guitar and loop station. Experience the full colour palette and range of emotions the violin and guitar in combination have to offer.

Tickets | Adults $35 | Concession $28 | Students $15 | Family $86
Book online | or phone: 0402 544 016

Bookings: Hunter Baillie, Annandale
Greenway Chapel, Green Point

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