Review: The Mozart K.488 Project/ Da Costa/ ARCO

Both ARCO and Da Costa have provided a brilliantly performed exploration of Mozart’s piano style through Reinecke’s legacy, supported by academic rigor. It is also delightful to listen to. We take meticulous care in preserving paintings and other artifacts of the past. Why not music as well?

Concert Review: In Bach’s Orbit/Bach Akademie Australia/Harcourt

This was an intelligent and entertaining line-up from an expert performer well-versed her specialist repertoire, proving yet again that there is always something new in the old.

Album Review: Fable/Dennett/Move

Harpist Jacinta Dennett’s solo album Fable features the music of female Australian composers whose lives and work span more than six decades. highlighting the versatility of the harp and its long- overlooked potential as a solo instrument. Dennett is an able performer and makes a serious case for some pieces to garner more attention than they have in the past.