Richard Gill Leads Sydney Chamber Choir In Six Times Three

The new music director of the Sydney Chamber Choir, Richard Gill, will conduct the choir’s landmark 40th anniversary concert Six Times Three, featuring a unique mix of six Australian a cappella works and early music classics.

Richard Gill’s drive is to bring alive the links between a cappella music of the high Renaissance and Impressionists, in tandem with Australian choral music  from the early 20th century, with a focus on women composers. 

Three exquisite songs by Debussy and three by Ravel, three heavenly motets from  Joaquin des Prez and three very earthy Gesualdo madrigals are matched to six modern Australian composers: three women, three men. Six  musical  threesomes, in conversation with each other, across six centuries and around the world. 

Richard Gill (Photo credit Brendan Read) Image supplied.
Richard Gill (Photo credit Brendan Read) Image supplied.

Sydney’s Dan Walker and Elliott Gyger take their inspiration from iconic poems. Vincent Plush’s Australian Boy explores colonial Australia through English eyes, while Dulcie Holland offers a  local take on a traditional English carol. New Zealand-born Gillian Whitehead bases her work on an intricate 16th Century polyphony; and Sydney’s Elena Kats-Chernin draws inspiration from radio talk shows. 

Australia’s most high-profile music educator, Richard Gill, OAM, is one of  our most admired conductors specialising in opera, musical theatre and vocal and choral training. Richard, will give a pre-concert talk on his vision, as he is about to replace Paul Stanhope as the choir’s music director in January. “I love this choir very much – it is one of Australia’s greatest musical  resources,” said Richard. “They love singing and all 28 of them have views, options, ideas, suggestions and remedies for every musical challenge.  Who wouldn’t love that? I see myself as gatekeeper for a very special choir, able to sing a multitude of styles across six centuries, and part of my job is to find my best replacement.”

Tickets Adult: From $40 ($30 concession)
Bookings or call 1300 661 738

Read our interview with Richard Gill as he talks about his vision for the Sydney Chamber Choir.

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