Rohan Drape | Alexander Garsden | Anthony Pateras: To where nothing ever shared

nmn_nThe New Music Network presents a concert structured around three first performances, of new works for guitar and electronics by Alexander Garsden and Rohan Drape, and of a new work for piano by Anthony Pateras. These pieces are framed by two extended improvisations by Will Guthrie (drums), Laura Altman (clarinet) and Monica Brooks (accordion).

Connected by the desire to for working outwards from the acoustical realities of the ‘sounds themselves’, the five works explore distinct musical topographies: manifestations outside of pitch, symbolic patterning’s and the art of memory, techniques of continual deflection, delicate calculations concerning spectacle and reference, and the gradual accumulation of equivalent consequences.

Tickets: Full $20 | Concession & Under 30 $15. 
Sydney Bookings: (02) 8256 2222,; Tickets also available at the door.

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