‘Salome’ provides capital entertainment

Fabulous images from Opera Australia’s new production of Richard Strauss’ ‘Salome’, directed by Gale Edwards.
Cheryl Barker as Salome and John Pickering as Herod. Image:Lisa Tomasetti
Jacqui Dark as Herodias with John Pickering as Herod. Image: Lisa Tomasetti


Cheryl Barker, Jacqui Dark and Shane Lowrancev with the ensemble. Image;Lisa Tomasetti


Cheryl Barker and John Wegner as Jokanaan. Image: Lisa Tomasetti
Cheryl Barker as Salome lusts after the head of Jokanaan. Image: Lisa Tomasetti
Depravity personified: Cherly Barker as Salome with the head of Jokanaan. Image: Lisa Tomasetti



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