Selby & Friends Perform Schumann, Schumann And Brahms


Selby & Friends presents the story of three giants in the world of classical music – Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms in the second tour of their 2019 concert series, Love & Devotion. 

This is a story of a love so strong Clara sued her own father in court almost 200 years ago for the right to marry Robert. It is the story of a pioneering woman who raised 8 children while composing, touring as the first female concert pianist and mentoring students; a story of loss, with Robert dying in an asylum in his 40s; and finally, a story of a devotion built on mutual admiration and respect between Brahms, Robert and Clara which created a fascination with these three musicians that still has us talking.

These stories have been immortalised through music and symbolise the incredible feat of these musicians who when faced with adversity, managed to create absolute magic.

Artistic Director/Pianist Kathryn Selby has long been intrigued by their story and has invited young Australian virtuoso Grace Clifford and ACO Principal Cellist, Timo-Veikko Valve to join her in this special program.



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