Sydney Symphony returns to Chatswood with ‘Symphonic Mozart’



The Sydney Symphony returns to Chatswood with its inaugural performance in the new Concourse Concert Hall. Sydney Symphony Concertmaster Dene Olding steps up to the helm in a programme they have called Symphonic Mozart. The core works by Mozart are complemented by Gounod’s Petite Symphonie  and Berlioz’ Rêverie et Caprice.

Mozart’s Symphony No 33 in B flat major K319 is dated July 1779, written at around the same time as ‘Coronation’ Mass K317, the Missa solemnis K337, the vespers settings K321 and 339 and the Regina coeli K276. It was not enough to win an appointment as court and cathedral organise, which went to Michael Haydn in 1782. It was a hugely productive time for Mozart. Other secular works of the time included the Concerto for two pianos K365, the Sonata for piano and violin K378, the Symphonies K318, and 338 and the ‘Posthorn’ Serenade K320. Also on the programme, the Divertimento in D major, K 136, written by Mozart in his mid-teens.

Gounod’s Petite Symphonie in B flat  (1885), is scored for just 9 instruments of the wide section and dispenses with the strings of the orchestra.

Berlioz’ Rêverie et caprice is written for solo violin with piano or orchestral accompaniment, and first appeared as a solo air from his opera Benvenuto Cellini.



GOUNOD C Little Symphony for Wind Instruments

MOZART W A Divertimento in D Major K136

BERLIOZ H Rêverie et Caprice

MOZART W A  Symphony No.33 in B flat major K319

Tickets from $25. Booking fees may apply.

Book at or call 8215 4600 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday.


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