TaikOz Drumming Workshops – Learn to Play the Taiko!



Sydney’s drum ensemble TaikOz is presenting workshops which offer the opportunity to learn how to play the taiko.  

The experience will, they say, “allow you to feel the awesome power of the taiko, the vitality of the rhythm and the fun of making music in a group.”

The 90 minute ‘Taiko is for Everyone’ drumming workshop in Sydney will be conducted by memebrs of TaikOz.

“Taiko playing requires great  energy and teamwork, as well as total integration of one’s mind, body  and spirit.  In our workshop you will be led through a unique team working experience that  will energise, stimulate and excite. Our workshops are run by TaikOz members who are all highly trained performers and  teachers”  they say, adding that “Taiko drumming is also great exercise. It is a  musical activity that is challenging and fun, and offers wonderful  benefits like reducing stress, aiding relaxation and inviting personal  expression.”

Cost: $79.

Book here.


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