TaikOz: Future Directions with Kaoru Watanabe


TaikOz’s latest project, Future Directions promises an evening of spontaneity, contrasting moods and virtuosity. For the first time in TaikOz’s history, they have invited a guest artist to direct and this is none other than Kaoru Watanabe, a most extraordinary and versatile musician.

Formerly a member of the legendary taiko ensemble, Kodo, Kaoru not only has extensive experience in a variety of traditional Japanese instruments, but is now an established performer in jazz and improvised music in the New York music scene. Incorporating Western flute, shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute) and taiko in many different musical settings, Kaoru will surprise you with his fresh outlook on the flute and taiko.

In Future Directions, TaikOz and Kaoru Watanabe will capture the very essence of modern taiko drumming by integrating classical and contemporary musical influences that are at the very core of TaikOz artists’ musical backgrounds. As well having a guest director, TaikOz sayit is also a first in delving into the more improvisational and spontaneous aspects of taiko performance.

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