Taikoz Presents ‘Seven Flowers’

Taikoz presents Seven Flowers, featuring numerous guest artists including Riley Lee.

Seven Flowers is inspired by Noh playwright and theoretician Zeami. The work will explore Zeami’s once-secret 15th Century treatise ‘Fushikaden’. In the first chapter, Zeami describes the seven periods of an artist’s life and work which, in terms of Noh, begins at the tender age of 7! In a happy coincidence, Taikoz, and guest artists closely associated with the ensemble embrace all seven of Zeami’s ‘ages of the artist’, and so, from youngster to elder, ‘Seven Flowers’ explores the many-faceted phases of an artist’s life and work.

With new works by Swiss composer Fritz Hauser (Shong), Western Australia’s Stuart James (Kinabuhi | Kamatayon) and Taikoz’s Artistic Director Ian Cleworth (The Place Where Nothing Is Done), Seven Flowers combines spectacular taiko drumming with beautiful song, dynamic movement, colourful percussion, and an evocative stage design by artists Bart Groen and Emma Hack.

Seven Flowers will extend Taikoz’s musical palette. A work for Balinese and Javanese gongs with electronics will sit aside a song for voice, taiko, percussion and electronica, a re-imagined Shinto prayer, and a solo drum played with hands, brushes and the voice. Delicate moments will morph into thunderous peaks: artists, young to mature, perform profoundly evocative works that are wrapped in an ever-evolving stage design by Bart Groen.

There are also a limited number of premium tickets at $99 which include premium seats and after-show drinks with Ian Cleworth, Riley Lee and some of the Taikoz ensemble


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