The Concerto of the Greater Sea – a new release for Joseph Tawadros

Oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros has a new CD The Concerto of the Greater Sea. 

On it are seven of his compositions for Oud and orchestra, to which he brings the composer’s imprimatur by performing them himself. Also, a suite in 6 movements, The Greater Sea, performed in ensemble with jazz pianist Matt McMahon, Chris Moore Principal Viola from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and Joseph’s percussionist brother James Tawadros. The CD also features the ACO’s Artistic Director, Richard Tognetti, violin.

“I have always been fond of the sea, its movement, its silence, its  energy and its freedom, and the new compositions are about being immersed in this. The ocean represents a return to oneself, a rediscovery, an emotional reinvention, musically, spiritually and beyond.”

Joseph Tawadros, ABC Classics.

ABC Classics 4764745  RRP: $30

Available at http://www.aco.com.au/buy/merchandise_detail?id=tawadros-cd

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