The Marais Project In ‘Collusion’


Collusion (n.) – a secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to deceive others.

2014 is a unique year for viola da gambist, Jenny Eriksson, as her ensemble The Marais Project celebrates 15 years of continuous operation.  Over this time they have released 4 highly regarded commercial CDs, made a number of studio recordings for the ABC and given more than 120 concerts.  “If we were married”, commented Jenny, “It would be our Crystal anniversary.”

The theme for The Marais Project’s anniversary year is Re-imaginings.  “During the year we are doing just that”, said Eriksson, “taking the opportunity to re-imagine my instrument, the viola da gamba, in a number of different settings along with colleagues from a range of musical genres.”

Jenny’s next concert just does this.  She has invited singer and violinist, Susie Bishop and pianist and piano accordionist, Emily-Rose Šárkova to join her for an amazing adventure called “Collusion”.  “Young performers of the caliber and versatility of Susie and Emily-Rose are a rarity”, Eriksson stated, “Classically trained here and in Europe, but equally at home across a range of genres including tango, world music and modern folk, they are part of a talented new generation of musicians who are renewing and revitalising fine music.”  Many music lovers will know Emily-Rose and Susie from world music group, “Chaika” and leading tango ensemble, “Tangalo”.  This very special musical “collusion” will feature a new arrangement of the music of Marin Marais for viol and piano accordion by Emily-Rose, music by Rodrigo, Cliff Kerr, Handel and Monteverdi with dramatic dialogue from actor Eliska Sarka.  The full musical conspiracy will be revealed on August 24!

Tickets: $35/20; online; ph 02 9809 5185. Complimentary drinks will be served.

Click here to read the interview with Susie Bishop and Emily-Rose Šárkova

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