The Massive Spooky Singlet – An All-Comers Big Sing

The Massive Spooky Singlet – an all-comers big sing led by Stephen Taberner and a handful of handpicked gentlemen from The Spooky Men’s Chorale host an online big sing. The black clad, bearded, steam powered male choir has been charming audiences around the world since 2001.

Those signing up join 500 other online participants worldwide in warmups, the learning and singing of a song (or two), a little drink break, and then a bit of sharing: thoughts, knitted things, flags, or snippets of music… sometimes even finishing with a dance track.

The Spooky Men Chorale’s inimitable ‘spookmeister’ Stephen Taberner  has burst the Covid choral barrier with a massive online community sing that boasts up to 500 singers of all ages and backgrounds… weekly and worldwide!  The weekly ‘Massive Singlets’-  with an adult edition, a kids’ edition, a ukulele edition and a massive ‘spooky’ edition, promises to ‘gloriously transcend’ the technical limitations of zoom singing and deliver choral adventures that are fun AND redemptive. And they also raise money for the Covid fund of Medecins sans Frontieres!

Taberner says “This is what I’ve been doing for 27 years, only usually in the same room as people! But these are interesting times, and the solution might be interesting too: hence, the Massive Singlet. For people to come together, to be together, to sing, has always been a human need: it is so now, even ore than ever.”

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