The Metropolitan Orchestra Online

The Metropolitan Orchestra is bringing its music direct to your homes.

Over the coming weeks, it will share a selection of video recordings of favourite concerts along with some specially created videos direct from their musicians’ homes to yours, keeping the music alive in this small way before we can enjoy live music again.

Broadcast on the orchestra’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, is the video recording of the world premiere performance of Celestial Emu by Keyna Wilkins and Gumaroy Newman which was featured in the first Met Concert of 2020 at the Seymour Centre on March 7th, conducted by Sarah-Grace Williams. It is now ready to watch on our YouTube Channel. (If you are not already a channel subscriber, you can join here –

Please note that this is an archival recording and not a professional audio recording. It uses a single microphone only but still gives an insight into how special this world premiere performance was.

Click Here To Watch Celestial Emu Now

All three works from MET Concert 1 at The Everest Theatre on March 7th are available for your viewing pleasure on the TMO’s YouTube Channel.

Click Here To Watch MET Concert #1 Live


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