the ‘pop-sical’ debate continues….

The dreaded ‘C’ word. Not ‘Classical’, but ‘Crossover’.  The very name implies an abandonment of values, of stepping over to the dark side, of crossing the floor. Regarded by ‘classical’ followers as lightweight, and by ‘pop’ afficionados as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, ‘Crossover’ is like a bastard child, desperately wanting to belong whilst simultaneously trying to shape its own identity.

Ultimately, whichever style of music does it for you is OK. What is perhaps more unsettling is the listener having to play hopsotch through a mix of too many different moods and styles on one  CD with artistes keen to demonstrate their versatility.

‘Crossover’s’ biggest drawback could well be its name and a more positive, less value laden moniker may result in fewer disapproving glances. Matthew Westwood has more to say:

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