the song company maps music through the ages with ‘timetraveller’

 “Maps are really quite beautiful to view and they tell us a lot about how the world and our culture has evolved over time, from the early maps with monsters and mythical creatures at the edge of the world to today’s precise cartography,”  says Roland Peelman,  Artistic Director of The Song Company.

In songs and stories about place, location and travel from the centre of the world to the periphery and back The Song Company’s Wednesday Sydney concert, “Time Traveller” brings to life the early days of modern cartography in Europe,  

From Sicilian folk tunes to Columbian street songs to a new Australian work by Peter Sculthorpe, this imaginative new concert will take audiences on a musical journey around the globe and across the ages.

The concert opens with Sicilian folk songs, English madrigals and music by Gabrieli and Isaac who travelled and chronicled the changing view of the world. The repertoire then moves to songs from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia in music from the age of exploration when continents were discovered, borders changed and new maps were drawn up. 

“The concert starts in Europe where modern cartography began and expands ever outwards to explore places that the early mapmakers never knew existed,” said Peelman.

“These are songs that say something about where we are on this earth, how we indentify with the world, and how we travel from A to B without getting lost.”

You can also hear a new work by Australian composer and living treasure Peter Sculthorpe. Premiered by The Song Company at this year’s Canberra Festival, From Irkanda is inspired by the hills surrounding the nation’s capital.

Be there at 7 pm for the 30 minute pre- concert talk on maps and music, by Roland Peelman.

Tickets from $15 to $59 at


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