Thoroughbass Evokes The Warmth Of The Mediterranean

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Thoroughbass presents Latino Love Affair, inspired by the warmth of Italian and Spanish-speaking countries. Think hot sunny days, languid evenings and sudden thunderstorms.

In a mixed program from the past and present Thoroughbass bring the pizzazz and energy of Pablo Escande’s Capricho, a musical episode in the life of Don Quixote in May Howlett’s Tilting at Windmills and takes you to sultry danger-filled nights in Buenos Aires with Piazzolla’s Fuga y misterio. In addition, an unusual concerto by Alessandro Scarlatti and two concertos by Bach and Benda who, judging by the Italian style they adopted so whole-heartedly, perhaps wished they had lived there.

Harpsichord soloist is Michael Tsalka’s virtuosic and expressive playing was lauded during his last visit in 2017. He is accompanied by Thoroughbass’s Shaun Warden, Shaun Ng, Tara Hashambuoy, Lucy Cormack, Angus Ryan and Diana Weston.

The Program> Pablo Escande Capricho/ May Howlett Tilting at Windmills /Astor Piazzolla Fuga y misterio /Arvo Part Summa Georg /Benda Concerto II in G minor /Alessandro Scarlatti Concerto IV/ J.S. Bach Concerto in E major BWV 1053

Tickets: $35/$30

Bookings or call 0411 375 821

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