Western Sydney Philharmonic Is Launched

Sydney’s newest orchestra, the Western Sydney Philharmonic (West Phil) was launched last Monday at Old Government House in Parramatta.

This exciting new musical venture is the first orchestra in Western Sydney since the 19th century, and is led by of two extraordinary musicians, classically trained violinists and long-time friends Maximilian Holzner and Kristian Winther. They have assembled a top-notch board and artistic committee to steer the organization and to harness the vision of a group of passionate, community-minded people who want to bring more music and musical opportunities to Western Sydney.

Artistic Director Kristian Winther says, “The aim of West Phil is to bring students and top professional musicians and performers together, to learn from each other and to create thrilling, dynamic and memorable performances right in the heart of the local community.” 

Greater Western Sydney is already home to 2.5 million people and is one of the fasting growing populations in Australia. It is multiculturally diverse: residents come from over 170 countries and speak over 100 different languages. Western Sydney is the third largest economy in the country behind the Sydney CBD and Melbourne. What started off as an idea to give the young people of Western Sydney an opportunity to learn and play beautiful music is now West Phil, Western Sydney’s very own orchestra. 

Chair Max Holzner says, “Western Sydney is integral to who we are and what we want to do, which is to provide an opportunity for young musicians who reflect the inclusivity and diversity of the region, and which lifts the artistic and cultural profile of the region.” 


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