Alice Cooper On Narrating ‘Peter And The Wolf In Hollywood’

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Despite an on-stage persona that was designed to shock, rocker Alice Cooper has demonstrated his softer side with his latest venture as narrator of Prokofiev’s children’s classic Peter and the Wolf (1936), given a 21st century twist as Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood, an innovative, interactive, multi-media creation on Deutsche Grammophon.

Cooper has been interviewed in The Guardian where he says “These classical writers were insane…..These guys were out of their minds. They were just eaten by this music…..They were the rock stars of their time. But I think they would have been a lot crazier than we were.”

Created by New York production company Giants Are Small, Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood  promises to be a feast of classical music and visual wonder that combines painting, sculpture, photography and digital play that all ages will enjoy. Available from November 13.

Read more about the release. 

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