Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra With Jane Rutter Embark On A Voyage of Musical Discovery

Jane Rutter
Jane Rutter

Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra with flautist Jane Rutter embark on a Voyage of Musical Discovery, a concert series in which exceptional guest musicians join the orchestra to reveal some of the similarities between historical and contemporary musical works.

Jane Rutter and her Third Culture World Music Ensemble along with ARCO will illustrate in music, the many surprising cultural and historical links between the early classical symphony and the world music of today.

The concert is a popular and enduring part of the legacy of the orchestra’s legendary founder, the late Richard Gill OAM. Aimed at both students of music and music lovers, the Voyage series includes detailed program notes for teachers and students with information about the different ways that Cultural & Historical Contexts influence composition and performance from the early-Classical Mannheim School to Australian contemporary and Chinese music.

The programme: Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra:
Sinfonia in A major by Johann Stamitz /Sinfonia in B-flat major by Franz Richter

Jane Rutter and her Third Culture World Music Ensemble:
Lift Up Your Veil, traditional, arranged by John Huie /Nanni Wan arranged by John Huie /Largo from1421 Suite by John Huie /Papadum by Jane Rutter /Jasmine Flower, traditional, arranged by John Huie /La Reunion by John Huie /Kava Time by Jane Rutter/Far Distant Place by Jane Rutter

Tickets: $30-55| Bookings and information:

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