Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra’s Voyage of Musical Discovery Looks At ‘Motivic Development’

Nick Russoniello. Image credit Jacquie Manning.

Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra’s regular Voyage of Musical Discovery companion education program, is themed ‘Motivic Development’ and features the deconstruction and performance of a suite by virtuoso Australian saxophonist and composer Nick Russoniello and a closer look at one of Eberl’s forgotten symphonies.

Anton Eberl builds an entire symphony by skilfully crafting and developing motifs. With the musicians of the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra, co-artistic directors Rachael Beesley and Nicole van Bruggen guide listeners through his compositional methods and investigate why Eberl’s 217-year-old work has yet to be performed in Australia, until now!

The Suite for Saxophones and Loop Station is a tour de force of real-time composition. Award-winning saxophonist Nick Russoniello creates a groove-based work by layering and developing musical elements as diverse as beatbox, reggae and minimalism. Russoniello is a polyphonic one-man-band, imaginatively extending the sonic capabilities of the saxophone in live performance.

VOYAGE OF MUSICAL DISCOVERY – ‘Motivic Development’/ ANTON EBERL – Symphony in E-flat major, Op.33 (1803)/ NICK RUSSONIELLO – Suite for Saxophones and Loop Station (2019/2020)

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