Classical Dreamtime With The Metropolitan Orchestra

The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO) presents its first Met concert of 2020 with a debut appearance at the Everest Theatre in The Seymour Centre. Conducted by Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Sarah-Grace Williams, this ground breaking concert includes a world premiere by pioneering Australian female composer Keyna Wilkins written in collaboration with leading indigenous didjeridu player Gumaroy Newman.

Opening with Mozart’s iconic Symphony No 40, this epic musical creation by the genius composer is full of elegance and refinement, with opening bars that have mesmerised music-listeners for centuries. Following this is the world premiere of Celestial Emu written by Keyna Wilkins in collaboration with Gumaroy Newman and The Metropolitan Orchestra in a work based on the indigenous legend of the constellation “Emu In The Sky”, from the Kamilaroi people of Northern NSW.

Wrapping up the program is Prokofiev’s incredible Symphony No 1, “Classical”. Concise and playful, Prokofiev wittily juxtaposes his own daring musical language with typical melodic turns and gestures from Mozart’s time in one of the composers most famous works which will provide a thrilling climax to this inaugural performance.

The program: MOZART Symphony no 40/ WILKINS and NEWMAN Celestial Emu (WORLD PREMIERE)/ PROKOFIEV Classical Symphony

Conductor: Sarah-Grace Williams
Soloist: Gumaroy Newman – Didjeridu





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