Bach in the Dark 2013


Cellist Rachel Scott continues her offbeat and innovative concert series Bach in the Dark into 2013 with her first concerts at the end of February.

The philosophy behind her programming is to start with the music of, who else but Johann Sebastian Bach, and from there explore abstractions of his work both as a soloist and with performing partners, who over the years have included a singer, guitarists, a harpist and an oboist.

In 2013, Rachel Scott will be joined by cellist David Pereira, narrator Paul Armstrong, accordionist Anthony Schulz and classical guitarists Raffaele and Janet Agostin. In one unique concert this year, Scott has scheduled a concert with a unique twist. Visual artist Judith White  will paint as Scott plays. For this, there will be a change of venue with good  sight lines, not many stairs and no aircraft noise.

Scott has also moved to a new on-line booking system this year.  She explains: “Just before concerts, I am often busy rehearsing, which means I’m not available to answer the phone a lot for booking enquiries. I also have the problem of people booking tickets, and then not turning up for some reason, and I have turned other people away. So I have decided to see what would happen if everything was done on-line. This has various advantages. You can book for as many concerts as you would like now, rather than waiting to book just before the concert. You don’t have to wait for me to call you back – you can do everything in your own time. And rather than talking to me on the phone, you can now do so face-to-face after the concert (which is something I really enjoy, so please don’t be shy!).”

A reality check has also necessitated a slight increase in ticket prices. “As much as I try to keep ticket prices low” she says, ” inflation is slowly creeping up on me. Unfortunately I have had to raise the price – but only slightly. The price still includes a glass of wine or a non-alcoholic drink.”

Aout the February concerts, Rachel Scott says “I’m joined again (back by popular demand!) by fellow cellist and former teacher David Pereira. We’re both really looking forward to playing this programme. Sydney will be the first outing –  after two nights we’re off to the Blue Mountains, Picton and Kiama. We’re playing J.S. Bach – including the C major and C minor cello preludes for the 3rd and 5th suites. We did the D minor and D major cello suite preludes last year, and many people said it was the highlight of the concert for them – so we’re doing another pair; C.P.E Bach (a particularly crazy piece for piano – 2 minutes of terrifying semiquavers – but very charming), some Boccherini (a particularly beautiful duo sonata), some Bartok – and a piece that David is writing for us specially – music from “The Very Sad Fish Lady” – which is Cypriot folk music – a good link to the Hungarian folk music of Bartok.”

Tickets: $35.00 Includes a glass of Simon Whitlam wine, or non-alcoholic beverage.

For bookings visit:  or and clicking on the ‘t’ sign for each concert.

For further information call the booking number on (02)9591-1207, and someone will talk you through the process.

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