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The Wagner Society of New South Wales has announced its programme for what promises to be a very busy year under the Presidency of the Hon Justice Jane Matthews AO and Patron Simone Young AM. Founded in 1983, the 900 strong society is a haven for Wagner fans aiming to promote the music of Richard Wagner and his contemporaries and to encourage a wider understanding of their work.

The year’s live presentations kick off with a weekend immersion by Dr Antony Ernst Forging Meaning out of Music: Heritage, Complexity and Vision of The Ring.

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In March, Sydney Chamber Opera performs a new stage work by Jack Symonds, Climbing Toward Midnight,  (2012) a chamber opera in three acts after Parsifal. The text is taken from Act II of Parsifal  and focuses on the relationship between Parsifal and Kundry. Scored for two voices and four instruments, Symonds says “This new work is not an arrangement or pastiche of Wagner’s music. Rather, it is a re-imagining of Wagnerian processes and practises for the twenty-first century, as well as a reinterpretation of the modernist leanings of his words.”

Later in the month tenor Bradley Cooper and soprano Sarah-Ann Walker accompanied by pianist Bradley Gilchrist present Faeries and Vampyres.

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