Bach In The Dark ‘Cello Duo

Join cellist Rachel Scott and her dear friend (and former teacher) David Pereira in a live-streaming from her living room to yours, performing some of their  our favourite music – some Bach, some Ross Edwards, some crazy Bartók and a piece of David’s too.

If you are out on that night, or living in a different time zone, the live-stream will be up for a few days after the concert, so you can always watch later as well!  Rachel is convinced that deep down, that music will heal us. It will take a troubled soul and act as a balm. It makes you remember good things, and forget bad things. It makes you smile, and wonder, and relax.

Tickets: $7.50 If you’d like to give a little more, then that would be really welcome, as it’s a hard time for artists right now – but $7.50 is all we are asking.


At 5pm, you’ll be sent a YouTube link to the concert that you need to click on before 7pm. If you haven’t received the link by 5.30, PLEASE EMAIL Bach in the Dark. At about 6.55pm, things will go live…

Rachel’s tips: The best listening experience will be to listen through speakers, or headphones – but do listen in any way you want to. Please bear in mind that this isn’t broadcast quality – there may be some glitches that will be out of our control. But we’ll do our best! At 7pm, or shortly thereafter, the concert will commence. Have another glass of wine. Sit and be in the moment. Hopefully you can forget all the craziness, just for a short time.


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