Bach In The Dark Presents Violin, Voice And Didgeridoo

Bach in the Dark founder and artistic director Rachel Scott is handing over to two colleagues for her next online concert. Violinist Veronique Serret and didgeridoo player William Barton join forces  for Heartland, a musical collaboration between didgeridoo virtuoso William Barton and violin powerhouse Véronique Serret. Together they have developed a unique sound that takes a soulful, lyrical, earthy and contemporary approach to music and storytelling.

Barton and Serret have created a modern-day songline, reflective of the contours of the unique Australian landscape. Didgeridoo, violin and voice come together creating a unique and timeless sound experience. They take listeners on a musical journey exploring songlines, landscape and the immense possibilities of their instruments, blending ancient and modern inspiration.

Join Bach in Dark audiences from all over the world – in living-rooms, on boats and even around fire-pits.

Tickets: $7.50 If you’d like to give a little more, then that would be really welcome, as it’s a hard time for artists right now. At 5pm you’ll be sent a YouTube link to the concert that you need to click on before 7pm. If you haven’t received the link by 5.30, please email Bach In The Dark.

Once you’re online, someone will probably walk past and say hello at some point beforehand. The best listening experience will be to listen through speakers, or headphones – but listen in any way you want to. At 7pm, or shortly thereafter, Will and Veronique should appear and then you sit back, be in the moment and enjoy the evening.




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